Wasp Control in Jackson, MS

Wasp Control in Jackson, MS

There are many different varieties of wasps, differing generally depending on the species. The most common wasp has two pairs of wings and a pinched waist. However, wasps can come in a variety of colors and sizes, ranging from metallic green to blue. Take a look at some of the most common wasp species in the state of Mississippi:

  • Red Wasps
  • Yellow Jacket Wasps
  • Mud Dauber Wasps

Wasp Characteristics

Depending on their species, wasps can be either solitary or social. Social wasps live in colonies, like the Yellow Jacket Wasp, and usually appear in groups. Solitary wasps, on the other hand, do not live in a colony and tend to lay their eggs on their own. Generally speaking, the wasps that are prevalent in Mississippi belong to the social variety. If you see wasps around there is a strong likelihood that a colony is building a nest somewhere nearby.

Wasps generally tend to be aggressive and are capable of stinging multiple times unlike most bees. Although they do not actively seek to attack humans, they will do so if they feel threatened.

How to Tell if You Have a Wasp Infestation

Do you have a wasp infestation in your home? Sometimes it can be difficult to tell, but if you happen to find a nest in your attic or another part of your house, you can be sure that you have an infestation on your hands. For more information about what you can do about your problem, feel free to contact Integrated Pest Control for more information.

Implementing Effective Wasp Control Services

If you are suspecting that you have a wasp infestation, the best way to eliminate it is by seeking help from a professional wasp exterminator. You might think that it's easier and cheaper to conduct the wasp removal service on your own, but removing wasp nests can be dangerous. Apart from the obvious danger of getting stung, there is also a danger of insufficiently applying wasp treatments and failing to completely eradicating your wasp infestation. Take a look at some of the reasons why we believe it's important to hire a wasp exterminator from Integrated Pest Control:

Experience and Professionalism

At Integrated Pest Control, we have years of experience in eliminating wasps from a range of Jackson homes. Our team is fully trained in professional wasp removal -- we know everything about wasps from instincts and behavior to distinguishing between a wasp and bee sting.

Expert Wasp Control Techniques

We are well-versed in different kinds of wasp elimination techniques that are completely safe for your household. We work in tight and dark spaces and are familiar with different methods for nest removal.

Best Safety Equipment

Our team at Integrated Pest Control has access to fully protective equipment which is necessary for conducting effective wasp removal. This includes both PPE and RPE equipment.

The Best Wasp Removal Services in Jackson, MS

If you are interested in finding out whether you have a wasp infestation or you are interested in finding out more about the wasp control services that we offer, feel free to contact us. For a free consultation, call 601-372-1812 (North) and 601-372-7788 (South) today!