Spider Control in Jackson MS – What Every Resident Should Know

Spider Control in Jackson MS - What Every Resident Should Know

Spiders in Mississippi may come in a lot of varieties, but we all know it's basic shape. Spiders are easily distinguishable as it has two body regions, eight legs and produces a web. While most people react negatively when they see a spider, but these insects are actually beneficial. Spiders are predators that ensure that small insect population do not get out of hand.

If left undisturbed, most spiders are not a threat to humans. However, there are venomous species that are known to bite people. If threatened, it's best to be cautious when encountering spiders as you may not never know if you are dealing with a harmless or potentially venomous spider.

What A Spider Control Service Can Do For You

At Integrated Pest, we employ a variety of different spider control techniques. We customize our methodologies to accommodate the customer's request.

After the removal of webbing material, we then apply a perimeter treatment on the outside surface of the structure. During this phase of the treatment, we put more emphasis on exterior lighting areas, the foundation of the structure and other potential harborage areas.

We are also experienced when it comes to dealing with spiders that are found indoors. We offer great customizability when it comes to our indoor spider treatment solutions.For example:

Common Species We Encounter During Spider Pest Control

Cellar Spiders - this species also goes by it's another name, which is Daddy Long Legs. It's a common house spider and harmless to humans. They are known for their clumsy crawling habits and thin and long legs. Cellar spiders are a great help when it comes to controlling the insect population. On the downside, they create a lot of webbing which can be unsightly.

Brown Recluse Spiders - there are only a few spiders species that can cause serious harm to humans and the brown recluse spiders are one of them. The brown recluse is known for its characteristic violin pattern found at the back of the cephalothorax (the part of the body in which the legs are attached). Brown Recluse Spiders are usually found in dark, dry and warm environments like old tires, woodpiles, basements, barns, porches, closets and attics. If you suspect that you are dealing with a Brown Recluse Spider, call use immediately. It's a spider that you leave to the professionals.

Black Widow Spiders - Black Widow spiders are easily identifiable because of it's black and shiny color. It also features a bulbous body and an hourglass-like shape found at the bottom part of the spider's abdomen. The Black Widow Spider is also commonly found in basements, crawl spaces, wood piles, and sheds. Although Black Widow Spider bites are rarely fatal, but it can happen. At the very least, it's bite can inflict serious pain. Needless to say, call us immediately the moment you spot a black widow that is dangerously close to your home.

We Are Here To Help

While it is true that only a handful of spider species in Mississipi that pose a threat to humans, but most people are not trained to accurately differentiate the dangerous species from the harmless ones. It's best that you don't take any chances. Always remember, if you need help with spider removal, Integrated Pest is always ready to help you. Contact us now and get a free consultation.