Millipede Control Services in Jackson, MS

Millipede Control Services in Jackson, MS

Millipedes are sometimes confused with centipedes because both insects have elongated bodies and multiple pairs of legs. Millipedes are sometimes also called "thousand leggers" because of their round and elongated bodies. Unlike centipedes, millipedes also tend to have shorter legs and shorter front antennae. Varieties that commonly appear in Mississippi homes are about half an inch or an inch and a half long and normally coil up when in a resting position.

Like centipedes, millipedes are also attracted to damp and humid areas, for instance to decaying leaves and wet dirt. Generally, they feed on decaying vegetable matter as well as damp roots. When they aren't able to find enough food due to, for instance, dry weather, they enter buildings and houses in large numbers.

Controlling Millipede Populations Around Your Home

The best way to control millipede populations is by paying attention to outdoor areas which harbor humidity such as debris, piles of leaves and grass clippings. Also, certain other precautions should also be taken -- i.e. watering your lawn in the morning so that it can dry before the sun sets, sealing your windows and doors so that unwanted insects cannot enter, etc. In addition to eliminating your existing millipede problem, it is also important to create a suitable environment around your home so that they are not able to enter again at a later time.

Implementing Effective Millipede Control

If you are looking for a team of experts who can assist you with fully eradicating your millipede problem and making sure these insects do not come back again in the future, Integrated Pest Control is at your disposal. Take a look at the steps we take when implementing effective millipede control:

1. Thorough inspection of your home

In order to determine the presence of millipedes in your home as well as the size of your infestation, we conduct an initial inspection visit in your home. During this time, we are able to offer a preliminary evaluation of the cause of your millipede problem as well as potential ways to eradicate it.

2. Designing a millipede treatment plan

Once we have conducted our preliminary evaluation, we proceed to design a treatment plan that depends on our professional opinion, your preferences as well as the specific needs of your home.

3. Millipede treatment

We implement a variety of chemical and non-chemical based treatment options. If you are interested in the specific treatment options that we offer, feel free to contact us for more information about our millipede control services.

4. Prevention plan

A prevention plan consists of what changes we believe you need to make in and around your household to make sure millipedes do not enter in the future. This includes sealing and caulking gaps, eliminating potential vegetable waste in your garden, removing the humidity from your house, etc.

Say Goodbye to Your Millipede Infestation

At Integrated Pest Control, our team of technicians understand the behavior and habits of millipedes and we are fully proficient in developing different kinds of millipede control programs that are customized to the needs of your home. For more information about our services or a free consultation, do not hesitate to contact us at 601-372-1812 (North) and 601-372-7788 (South) today!