Hornet Control Service in Jackson, MS

Hornet Control Service in Jackson, MS

Hornets are a subspecies of wasps and they can grow to about 2.2 inches in length. Just like other wasps, when they feel threatened they can sting humans or animals. Although these stings aren't necessarily dangerous, they can be life-threatening to individuals who are allergic. If hornets are a regular presence in your home, it might be possible that they are building a nest in or around your property. Removing hornet nests can be a dangerous process so it's best to rely on an exterminator or a pest control professional for assistance. In our years of experience, we've noticed that the worst hornet stings occur when people try to deal with their hornet problem on their own.

If you are concerned that you might have a hornet infestation on your hands, make sure to contact us to schedule a free consultation or inspection. Call Integrated Pest Control at 601-372-1812 (North) and 601-372-7788 (South) today!

Hornet Control Process

If you contact our team at Integrated Pest Control, rest assured that we will be able to remove the nests and hornets on your property swiftly and efficiently. By implementing effective hornet removal techniques, we will make sure that no one in your home is injured or stung and that your hornet issue is fully eliminated.

We proceed with our hornet removal in several different steps. The first step is to inspect your property and identify hornet nests in your home. If we find an active nest, the next step is to identify the type of insect in your home. Although hornets are similar to other types of wasps, we implement different control methods in comparison with other stinging pests which makes it especially important to identify the pest in question. The final step is to inform you of our recommended removal technique and to implement it as soon as we have your approval.

Hornet Removal Services

Although hornets are quite common in Mississippi, particularly in the early spring and summer, they are often confused with other species of wasps. Unlike regular wasps, hornets tend to be a bit larger in size -- their nests are also more impressive than those of regular wasps. Take a look at the varieties of hornets that are commonly found in the state of Mississippi:

-- Bald Faced Hornets

Bald faced hornets are some of the most common hornet species in the southeastern US. You can recognize them by the white markings on their head as well as their distinctive nests that have a papery covering on them. Although the bald faced hornet is considered a hornet by the general population it is actually more closely related to the yellow jacket wasp.

-- European Hornets

The European hornet is the only true hornet that can be found in North America. It is brown and yellow in color and it has wings that are dark yellow or orange. It generally feeds on other insects and isn't dangerous to humans unless it feels it or its nest is being threatened. Humans can develop moderate to severe allergic reactions to stings from these types of hornets.