Ant Pest Control Services in Jackson, MS

Ant Pest Control Services in Jackson, MS

Ants aren't just an outdoor nuisance, they are pests that can ruin your peace of mind both at home and your office.

At Integrated Pest Service, we have years of experience in eliminating ants. We are aware that getting rid of ants means understanding their behavior and using the best techniques and technologies.

Facts About Ants

If you are interested in finding out a bit more about ants, take a look at some of the following facts:

1. Ants form colonies

Ants are social insects and they congregate in colonies. These colonies can get as big as 500,000 insects which is why they usually appear in huge numbers wherever they are. Ant colonies are very adaptable and can be found anywhere -- from your kitchen to your yard.

2. Ants communicate with each other

Ants communicate by means of pheromones which tell them where the others are going. Following a trail of pheromones is how an entire colony keeps moving in the same direction. This type of communication allows them to cooperate and even solve complex problems.

3. Ants feed on anything

If you have ants in your house, you probably know that ants can feed on anything. They are attracted to crumbs and leftovers of all kinds. Above all, they enjoy feeding on sugary foods, so if you have any desert crumbs in your kitchen, be sure that they will attract the ants in your house.

How We Implement Effective Ant Control Services

We have years of experience in conducting ant control in a variety of Jackson homes and businesses. Take a look at the way we will treat your ant problem if you hire us:

- Diagnostic stage: The first stage of treating an ant infestation is determining how big the problem is and what type of ants are concerned. This involves finding where the colony (or colonies) is situated and pinpointing the exact source.

- Treating the cracks: Once the hot spots have been identified, we proceed to treat the cracks and crevices where ants have been discovered.

- Applying ant bait: The next phase is applying a minimally toxic ant bait where ant activity has been discovered. Once ants ingest this bait, they take it back to their nest where the rest of the colony is able to ingest it. Ant bait is mostly placed around door entrances, pipes and other places where ants have been detected.

- Inspecting outdoor ant sources: Ant infestations can always be traced to a poorly isolated part of your home or office where they enter from the outside. Resolving the problem inside your house will not resolve the root cause of the infestation -- this is why it is important to treat your property's foundation as well as other entry points like windows or cracks in your walls.

Ant Control FAQs

Are ant control technologies safe for my pets and small children?
Yes, we only use chemicals that are not toxic for your pets and children. However, we would recommend that you keep them away from the treated areas for at least an hour after application.
How do I know if I have an ant infestation?
One of the best ways to tell whether you have an ant infestation is by detecting the insects themselves. There is a good chance that you will see the ants that have infested your home. However, there are some other signs that ants are present. For example, if you keep seeing insect excrement or pieces of paper that have been partially bitten, it is possible that you have an ant infestation on your hands.
How often should ant control be done?
This depends on your property as well as certain other factors such as how big your current infestation is. We generally recommend a quarterly or bi-annual visit.
Would I need to be present at my property for the ant control treatment?
No, of course not. We would be happy to conduct the extermination while you are at work or at any other time of day, for your convenience. However, we would ask you to make arrangements for any potential pets on your property. Although our treatments are not harmful for pets, they should be kept away during the treatment.

If you are interested in getting more details about our ant control techniques or you would like to get a free estimate for your own home or business, feel free to contact us at 601-372-1812 (North) and 601-372-7788 (South) today!